Saturday, February 20, 2021

Happy Birthday Daddy

I never understood why people celebrate the birthdays of loved ones that have passed away until today.  It has been over 5 months since you have been gone and today you would have turned 65.  Every year I get you a card that I know will make you tear up and I try to surprise you with a gift, but normally I can't wait and end up giving it to you way before your birthday. This year there was no card, and my gift was to the local food bank in your honor.  Daddy, I miss you so much and I am trying so hard to stay strong but it ain't easy.  The only thing helping me keep it together is knowing that you are in heaven with your parents, brothers and sisters and Rocky, Sarge and joining you this past week, Roscoe.  It is hard to be sad, knowing that you are face to face with Jesus, no pain and in a healthy body. 

I found the card you sent me on my 26th birthday when I was traveling the country keeping you up at night when I wouldn't call for a few days, and it made me cry and smile. I guess you made me cry with a card this year:) 

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